The Worrying Reality of Driverless Cars

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It won’t be for another FOUR decades before your next door love/hate neighbour is rolling up outside after work in his/hers Driverless car, more than likely boasting about how they were the first to be in one. But how would you feel about the latest technology literally being on the road?

There are 35,000 fatalities per year from car crashes on Britain’s roads. With most coming in the form of careless motorists simply not concentrating on the drive itself. So, in theory, the idea could solve the problem – But are their more problems to iron out anyway?

With the average gross annual earning for a full time worker is around the £28,000, a Driverless car is thought to cost over £100,000 – virtually impossible for the average person to experience.

By no means am I a car expert myself – but even if I could afford this ‘luxury’, getting into a vehicle’s software and controlling system maybe easy for the many computer hackers roaming around – what’s to stop someone effectively hacking your car?

In addition to this, there could be weather issues. Our Winter season is unpredictable at the best of times, any rain and snow could interfere with its onboard cameras and sensors – listening to a computer stating the obvious that ‘i’m sorry, we are currently not moving due to weather conditions’ – might be a little frustrating.

As a result, if the car crashes without a driver due to poor performance or computer malfunction, who’s fault is it? Google/the software designer, or the owner of the vehicle? The road system and infrastructure would likely need major upgrades because of this, costing more money for us taxpayers no less.

From a human point of view, like robots in recent years phasing out general employment for the public; Truck drivers and taxi drivers will lose their jobs, as autonomous vehicles take over. In turn, drivers become more used to not getting behind the wheel – this could prove an issue should the need to drive arise.

Most worrying of all in some respects, after recent terrorist activity dominating the news in recent weeks; How would the police interact with driverless vehicles? Loading a moving object with explosives could be a handy tool to have for a rogue terrorist, or simply programming the car to drive into a crowd of people.

If you have any opinions on the subjects raised, comment in the form below to air and we’ll happily join in to create a forum to discuss the issues.

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