Uber – Are Times Changing?

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The TfL (Transport for London) have given Uber just a four month extension after their five year licence to operate in the city expires in May. The authorities are to pass their final verdict in September 2017.


This is what was said by a spokesperson for the TfL –

“Uber London Limited has been granted a four month private hire operator licence. This will allow us to conclude our consideration of a five year licence.”

The app-based taxi firm’s success has been marred by fines, customer dissatisfaction and employee disputes but still remains an easy, cheaper ride for some, yet others have refused to use the Uber service ever again.


The decision to hold off on giving Uber its expected five year extension has become the latest focus of controversy aimed at the company. Their operation and working practices are expected to change dramatically making conditions of employment and fairer fees more acceptable to other private hire licensees.


The TfL are being called ‘cowards’ by the general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association –

“Uber has still not answered questions that TfL asked months ago

We think that TfL’s reason for this temporary licence is unlawful. This is totally unprecedented.
We will be challenging this coward’s decision.”


New proposals in the TfL’s considerations is Uber’s licensing fees, which could rise dramatically from £3,000 to over £2 million in a five year period.


Overall Uber are set to start paying for the leniency they have been allowed due to governments and organisations not really knowing the full nature of the operations or how big the company was going to become without certain processes in place.


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