Uber Are In a Spot of Bother. Again

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In the news recently, Uber could be forced to comply with tough new licence laws to ensure that their staff are paid the minimum wage.

2017 has been a tough year for Uber, recently being the subject of various scandals. After an investigation into the company’s unstable environment, Around 20 employees were let go recently, as well as the added kick in the teeth of CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation after being forced out by investors.

Other recent news suggests that employees are witnesses or victims to undisciplined nature, referencing to sexual harassment, ruthless employee behaviour and serious ethics issues which have given Uber a bad name.

Like any business the customer is always right, but the employee comes a close second in terms of a well run business – something that Uber clearly isn’t in this sense.

Not only are Uber battling their leadership issues, employee difficulties and the automated car industry – the argument over Drivers barely earning over minimum wage with no benefits is simply awful.

When you weigh up their enormous under-performing issues, this is arguably the most serious one by a country mile – receiving the least attention by management within Uber as a result.

Uber executives and board members are currently saying all the right things about cleaning up their act, but is this a case of saying but not doing? Will they be able to turn it around, or will they continue to go down the same route?  

However with plans to raise fares around the country, Uber will lose customers. If Uber lowers their fare fees, they will lose drivers at an even faster turnover rate – No drivers, no business! Uber are currently walking a tightrope in terms of employment.

If you were to ask an Uber investor today, are you be regretting your investment? The honest answer is probably, yes. – There lies the problem.

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