Uber Fined $20m – Another Costly Hit!

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After paying out an $11m fee in Pennsylvania over illegal operations, a $7.6m fine from regulators in California, and Taiwan threatening a fine of up to $800,000 if Uber doesn’t register as a taxi service – the agreement to pay $20m to settle claims of misleading drivers has got to hurt.

The latest in a series of fines and settlements across the world has forced Uber to pay $20m even though they have expressed no wrongdoing? The FTC (Federal Trade Commision) accused Uber of misleading its drivers about the amount of money they could earn – the promises and potential annual incomes of more than $90,000 in New York and $74,000 in San Francisco have been reported at just two thirds of this sum.

Not only have Uber misinformed its drivers to encourage more of the Taxi and Ride-Sharing Organisation on the road, benefiting the company, but also, the FTC has claimed that drivers were deceived about Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Programme. Uber drivers believed that they could own an Uber car at the advertised price of $140 or lease a car for $119 a week. But the FTC found these figures were way below actual payments made by the drivers, at $160 – $200 a week.

Founder of the Independent Drivers Guild, said in a statement: “The reality of being a ridesharing driver is a far cry from the rosy picture these apps describe and it is encouraging to see the FTC take them to task and refund drivers.”

The $20 million will be refunded to affected drivers across the country but will Uber learn from these ongoing lessons?

In London at the end of last year we saw mathem as the Uber Drivers protested against similar problems from their employees regarding pay, tips and unbiased data on the earnings and expenses of ridesharing.

Uber are trying to overload the roads by deceiving everyone from passengers to drivers. With so many unpublicised/advertised rules from prices during unstructured high demand times to cancellation fees to corrupt drivers – it’s a wonder why they are still being used, but the public will get fed up of Uber’s deplorable services.

To understand more about the trips and scandals of Uber from customers and drivers alike, follow the link – https://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/uber.html

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