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We don’t spend all our time looking for articles about Uber in the news viewed under a negative light – who needs a light, you could stumble across them in the dark. Here we find, again, how Uber and its drivers are creating havoc for London and theirs.

Over one hundred Uber drivers protested on the already busy streets of London in the hope that they stop being treated like the self-employed and start receiving minimum wage, holiday pay and sick pay. They were expecting to put pressure on the Mayor of London to insist the US Uber company pay minimum wage. Does the London Mayor have the time, money and power to argue this point?

The relatively new Uber cars slipped into the streets of London like intruders, pushed into a niche that avoids having to stick to the important rules the TFL (Transport Of London) demands and now, they want more, when they have already sparked so much fury.

Where is the community spirit? With minicab firms and taxi companies they employ local drivers who know the roads and the people. A phone call where a human greets you at the end of the line and you’re solid in the knowledge that someone heard you and your taxi is on its way or booked in the system.

But, there is some light at the end of the tunnel with the TLF organising a major clampdown on Uber. The new rules implemented will actively affect Uber’s way of life.

Rules such as:

  • Operators “must offer a facility to pre-book up to seven days in advance” This will make a huge difference to the way Uber run their business, as they do not allow passengers to pre-book.
  • Companies “must not show vehicles being available for immediate hire either visibly or virtually via an app” This is a crucial detail that Uber employ.
  • Operators “must provide booking confirmation details to the passenger at least five minutes prior to the journey” It is estimated that Uber pick up passengers within three minutes of matching the nearest driver.

Uber have caused a great deal of turmoil but it looks like the TLF are fighting back – fairly.

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