The Big Debate

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Driverless cars are set to be available to everyone within the next 20 or 30 years. They are said to be safer than driver driven cars. They are set to protect those in the car, before those outside.

Where would you stand on this? Are we, the humans, actually going to ensure that the car that is not being driven by a human will, if the worst scenario occurs, allow the car to protect the passenger’s over, say, a pedestrian?

Nothing in this world is black and white any more, other than the colour of the car and even then you’ll find it’s more a midnight black or an iceberg white. There are tints and shades to every situation. By programming the car to ensure the safety of those inside will ultimately bring upon the road some serious humanitarian issues that could muddy the water of any accident that isn’t say, midnight black or iceberg white.

The scenarios are numerous. Children, for example – people have jumped in front of cars to protect a child that is not theirs, so would a passenger of a driverless car be prepared to hit a child running into the street rather than activate an emergency break that could cause injuries to them? And what could the consequences mean? Who will be to blame, but who will feel it’s their fault… Muddy, muddy waters.

If you have a driverless car, you’d may expect it to have your best interests at heart – there are billions of variations found in humankind, we are complex creatures so wouldn’t this stance be just slightly selfish? If you’re driving a car and someone slips in front of you, you have the choice to swerve and hit a tree, to sacrifice yourself or you can break as safely as you can and hope you stopped in time. Soon, it may no longer be your decision to make and that is kinda scary – Huge moral dilemmas for us all to face in the not too distant future. Time to start thinking as to where you stand on this difficult topic…

Do driverless cars worry you? Know something we don’t? How do you think we’ll solve this awkward moral tug of war. We’re always interested in what readers have to say, so leave a comment now!


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