When it comes to taxi card design, there is nobody out there better than Arboreal Print. This is because, unlike our other competitors we ensure that every single taxi card design is stylish and unique.

As a taxi owner, or an owner of any form of business in general, you need a way of having branding and advertising, the business card is a classic, timeless and most importantly effective! As the fact you can print so many so cheaply while also having them spread so fast, makes it so when they are well designed and well branded, they can give a massive boost in exposure.

but what makes a business card a good business card?

  • Card – the thickness and overall quality of the paper behind the card can go a long way, the flimsy, poorly made business cards you will get from sites like VistaPrint, in which your business card is printed en masse among hundreds of other brands – making you a number, not a name, can quickly damage your business, as poor quality cards can ruin a first impression. Our business cards are built with only the highest quality of paper in a thickness that makes then durable and is bound to leave a great first impression.
  • Print – the quality of the actual print on the card is also a huge deal, to get the truly high quality of colour you would want you need a printer that is calibrated to your specific colour needs, with companies like vistaprint, the printers mass print and as such are set on a neutral setting, which doesn’t take into account any bespoke printing, this is where we shine, we set the printer to a bespoke setting to allow for the relevant colours to shine for truly bespoke printing.

All of these together add up to make a far superior service that cant be beat, so in terms of the taxi card design, we are the ones to go to, for more information, head over to our store.