When it comes to business cards, getting high volume business cards is your best bet, this is due to the fact that this allows you to hand them out worry free!

The reason to hand them out so heavily is a mixture of things that we will explain below…

  • Exposure – if you print out 1000 cards at a penny each, and all of them are handed out, that is 1000 possibilities of a client, with some potentially passing on to others, making this a really good way to get your foot in the door of your respective industry and get your name out there!
  • Profit – When you consider than on average, a business card costs 5p each, and has the possibility to score you a £20 job, it is very easy to see where the profit comes from with margins like those, of course there is no definite way of getting a 100% conversion, but 3 conversions will be enough on average to cover costs, anything on top is bonus!
  • Because you can – When they are 5p each, and about the same price as a coffee monthly to get them, you have the ability to pass them out to anyone who may be or refer a potential client.

When it comes to actually buying high volume business cards, Arboreal Print is the way to go! This is because our business cards are of a very high quality when compared to competitors, this with our fantastic service ensures that you as a client will be truly happy with your results.

If you want to learn more before ordering, then get in touch!

Arboreal Print, the best producers of high volume business cards

Arboreal Print, the best producers of high volume business cards