Hero Cabbie Offers Services for Free After Manchester Bombings

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It has been revealed that local high street cabbie turned hero, Nassah Ahmed, offered his services for free in the wake of the Manchester Bombings in May.

He heard over the radio that an attack had taken place at Manchester Arena, where pop star Ariana Grande was performing to her adoring fans – killing 22 people including young children in the arena.

This is when Mr Ahmed became one of the shining lights and hero of the hour on a truly unforgettable evening, for all the wrong reasons. As a result, he then jumped in his cab and made sure that fans unscathed in the attack had a port of call to leave the destination quickly.

All in all Mr Ahmed had a busy night where before he knew it, he had covered nearly 500 miles after urging people to hitch a ride in his cab – free of charge – vowing he would get them home safely to wherever they lived across the city and other areas. He even showed his license documents to the traumatised people that he took home, to prove he was a legitimate taxi driver just doing his good deed to the people of Manchester.

Mr Ahmed’s first port of call was attending to two teenage girls, dropping one off close by in Manchester and the other in Liverpool, before picking up a couple who had attended the concert on the south coast.

Mr Ahmed, who has been a cabbie for 25 years, wasn’t alone in his pursuit to get fans from the concert home safe and sound, he was also joined by other cabbies at the scene of tragic bombing that unfolded. The 50 year old Mr Ahmed and the rest of the fleet of drivers, showed selflessness that typified the community’s response to the tragedy in the city.

“Like other taxi drivers, we all just drove to as close as we could get to the Arena and offered whatever assistance we could give.” Mr Ahmed said.

“I hope that everyone who survived that night is slowly on the way to recovery from what can only be described as a pure, pure nightmare.”

It’s not everyday you hear someone going above and beyond the call of duty for people that he had never met previously. Mr Ahmed just felt that he could play a part in saving lives that night, and that is exactly what he achieved!

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