Driverless Flying Cars! What Next?!

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Over the past few weeks we have been bringing you news of Uber’s driverless cars – recently tested on the streets of Pittsburgh – as well as Uber’s new autonomous trucks. Today we are bringing you the sort of sci-fi news that we had not thought possible (not in this millennium anyway!). Flying cars, and not just from Uber! Google have their finger on the button as well, as too do a whole host of other companies that have most likely decided to remain nameless! Speaking of Google. Larry page, the co-founder of Google, actually owns not one but TWO flying car companies. One of which has – according to admittedly sketchy reports – in the last 48 hours been seen landing and taking off at Hollister airport in California. This then officially classes the vehicle as a VTOL, which stands for vertical takeoff and landing and is used to classify things such as helicopters and fighter jets!

The introduction of flying cars sends a shiver down our spine here at Arboreal Print. Could it get any worse? Yes. Yes it could. Uber isn’t just planning on launching a fleet of flying cars into the sky. Its plans are for these flying cars to be driverless. Yes you read correctly. DRIVERLESS.

Not only does this smack of unprecedented danger, but it would decimate the taxi and the minicab industry. A culture as old as modern culture itself would be left in tatters! We hope that society sees just how damaging this new technology could be. Especially as it is spearheaded by Uber who have already done so much damage to our industry, our economy, and to all working class people! Uber have recently released a white paper ( which is a government report designed to give information or proposals on an issue) that has detailed its intentions to introduce a ‘fleet’ of VTOL vehicles. We hope that this dangerous development is avoided – we hope it isn’t too late!

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