A New, Better Choice For Former Uber Drivers

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With wide spread news over the last month or so regarding Uber’s failure to keep hold of their licence in London and the TfL announcing Uber will no longer be allowed to operate unless they appeal. What does this actually mean for all involved?

For a while now, Uber have been taking advantage of London’s commuters and residents’ need to get from A to B quickly and cheaply regardless of safety of their employers, as well as impacting on local cab firms as a result. But with the latest sting in the tail for Uber, drivers face the harsh reality of finding new employment elsewhere.

These drivers should perhaps look for work within local cabs and taxi firms who know their drivers, as well as their community as a whole in a more stable working environment. This in turn will become the safe choice for people travelling in and around London.

Drivers don’t need to change their licence to work for high street firms and cab companies, so just call up your local service or pick up a card or leaflet from their office to research them online and prepare your call or approach.

Uber have recently been quoted as saying the “overwhelming majority” of drivers wanted to keep the freedom of being their own bosses. This might just be another case of Uber passing the buck from themselves and blaming their employees.

Given past and current high profile cases in the national media, it is important that the public help to strengthen standards to address some of the major concerns.

Local Taxi Firms and High Street Cab Companies are looking to boost their workforce and help the thousands of drivers who have lost out, by helping to find a secure position driving for you.

At Arboreal Print,  we can help by creating specialised business cards or job description leaflets to hand out to passing trade and cab companies.

The message is clear – support safety, support minimum wage for drivers, support financial security for drivers by calling your local taxi firms and minicab drivers if you need to be somewhere on time and safely.

At Arboreal Print we design and supply business cards and leaflets for Taxi firms and Private hire cabs around the country, keeping your brand on file for a quick and easy order and free delivery service.

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