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For those of you who watch Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away and who caught the episode on the 7th of September we would just like to take a moment to distance ourselves from the company who were featured in the episode. Creative Printers are not a partner of ours nor are we affiliated with them in any way whatsoever. We thought it necessary to write a post on this issue given that we share a building with Creative Printers though rest assured that is all we share. We pride ourselves on ethical practice and would never engage in anything regarded as immoral or improper.

In the episode we understand that the two presenters Del and Dael visited a printing company namely, Creative Printers to reclaim a debt that amounted to £2,000 that was owed to a dissatisfied customer. The debtor then regrettably got agitated and physically prevented the presenters from reclaiming the debt. The police then had to be called. The entire situation was incredibly unfortunate and we hope that the claimant was able to get the refund that they deserved. We would also like to say that we wish Creative Printers no ill will nor do we wish them any negative fallout from the airing of this episode. We simply want our clients to know that we would never allow such a situation to happen.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and on our client interaction. You can buy from us with complete trust and confidence. We will never withhold product or payment. Our process is transparent and our business practice is entirely ethical. We understand that it was an unfortunate situation for all involved. We hope that it shall not be repeated.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7476 5065 or email us at info@arborealprint.co.uk

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