5 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Important

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business card

Whilst it seems like everything we do now revolves around digital technology, it is still so important to have a physical business card. We know that the classic business card won’t be going anywhere soon, and here’s why:

1. They are the most effective direct marketing tools
Whilst online marketing can attract a great deal of sales prospects, nothing is quite the same as a personal handshake and exchange of business cards. A potential lead or useful contact can be met by you at any time, and there is never a missed opportunity if you have a business card to hand. Keep some in your pocket, car or wallet to be prepared to market your brand.

2. A business card is the first impression of your brand

If you meet somebody that could be a great contact for your business, you want to leave them with a great first impression, so make sure your business card is professionally designed. A memorable business card will be remembered – which does much more than just passing on contact details.

3. Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal
It’s just not the same. Whilst it is pretty easy to search for a few terms on Google, there’s no personality found there. If a consumer or useful contact meets you in person and is met by a professional business card, you are good to go for a long-term relationship.

4. They show preparation and professionalism
A business card that is high-quality and of good design shows a professional individual or business – it doesn’t give the same impression and a scribbled name and number on a piece of paper. Keep your brand smart and clean with business cards and hand them out regularly to show preparation.

5. A creative business card will get shared

A business card is a physical object that is shared with a potential prospect and then it stays with them. That then means that your brand stays with them. If you have an eye-catching, creative business card, it is more likely to be shared with others. That way, your card is continuing to market for you – long after its departure from your hand.

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